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MUDBLAST for CP Mud Volleyball Tournament Information and Rules

General information

Date: Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Location: Sinnott’s Sandbar (204 E. Lincoln St. Papillion, NE 68046)

Time: Check-in at 8am. Captain’s meeting at 8:30am. Play begins at 9am.




· CASH: For lunch, snacks, beer, etc.

· Old towels to dry off

· Sunglasses: to keep the mud and sun out your eyes

· Plastic bags to cover your car seats for the ride home and for muddy clothing.

· ID: To purchase alcohol (everyone is carded)

· Lawn chairs and blankets. Something to sit on in between games.

· Sun screen: It will be hot and sunny! (hopefully)

· Tent/Canopy/Umbrella -To provide shade and if you do not mind getting it dirty.

· Shoes/sandals

What not to bring

· Pets (please do not bring your dog)

· No outside food or drink

· No coolers

Tournament Format

· 8:00am Check-in Team Captain’s Meeting 8:30am Tournament play begins 9:00am

· One day-round robin format leading to seeding of single elimination playoffs.

· All teams playing at least 5 matches.

· Round robin and playoffs matches consist of one game to 15 points or 15 minutes,

whichever comes first.

· If played to full points, the game must be won by 2 points or if team reachs 17 points

first. Side-out scoring!

· Teams have 2-minutes between games to have players on courts and ready to play. Any team not present within the 2-minutes will forfeit the game.

 · Seeding at the end of round robin play is determined by:

1.    Winner of most matches at court

2.    Winner of head to head matches

3.    Net points of all matches played


· Each team must have a minimum of 6 players on the entry form.

· Teams are co-ed with at least of 50% of players on the court being female

· All team members must sign the waiver/roster. Team t-shirts are distributed only

after the Tournament director/employees have received the completed

waiver/roster. Team will forfeit games until waiver/roster is on file.

· All players MUST be 18 or older.

· Legal ID will be required to purchase alcohol at the event.

· Additions to a team are accepted only AFTER they are added to the waiver/roster.


· Teams winning the match will referee the next match whether in round robin or the


· Teams that fail to referee will result in subtracting one win and adding one loss to

their record

· Tournament director/staff will handle disputes. All decisions are final.


· Match results for all games are to be reported to the Tournament staff by the

winning team to the bracket keeper located at each court.


· 3 overhand serves are allowed before 1 underhand serve MUST be made.

· The server at the beginning of each service must call out the score. Failure to do

so results in a side-out. Each team is allowed one warning.

· Let rule-The “Let” rule is that a ball that hits the net on the serve and goes over

will be considered a playable ball and play will continue.


· When the ball is contacted more than once by a team, THERE IS NO GIRL/GUY rule this year. Contacts may be made by any gender.

· Crossing under the net is not permitted

· All net violations will be called.

· Open hand hits are allowed providing that the ball is not caught, thrown, or

otherwise directed.

· Blocking or attacking (hitting) the serve is not legal and will result in side-out

· First ball Over-“Double contact” The rule states; during the first hit of the team (not

blocking), the ball may contact various parts of the body consecutively, provided

that the contacts occur during one action. Example: The first hit of the team

includes reception; (a) of the serve; (b) of an attack-hit by the opponent [this may

be a soft or hard attack-hit]; (c) of a ball blocked by one’s own team and (d) of a

ball blocked by opponents. During the team’s first-hit, successive contacts with

various parts of the player’s body are permitted in a single action of playing the

ball. These include contacts involving “finger action” on the ball, however, may not

be caught and/or thrown.

· Out of bounds is outside the pit/water. If you see a splash then the ball is in.


· The tournament director and/or staff may cancel the tournament due to dangerous

weather conditions.